Bridal Veil Falls

This is a trail that is all about the destination, a beautiful set of falls enveloped in the forest of the White Mountains.

After parking at the trailhead, I followed the road and a short before it turned into a trail. To navigate, just continue straight ahead to the trail.

I visited in late June so the woods were green as could be. The trail was wide and I suspect it is an old logging road or railway. My partner and I easily walked side by side for most of the first mile. After about fifteen minutes we heard the sound of a brook through the woods. Quickly after that the trail converged on Coppermine Brook. It holds the beauty of many streams and brooks of the White Mountains with smooth granite and clear water. I took a quick detour off the trail to walk along the water. Although I could have walked along the water longer, I returned to the trail in order to reach the destination more quickly.

For two and a half miles the trail stays near the brook, occasionally running adjacent to it. Other than beautiful green tree cover and undergrowth, the trail was uneventful until we reached the Coppermine Shelter. The shelter has a fire ring and is held up by various piles of rocks, but looked sturdy enough. If I were to camp here I would prefer to set up my tent (there’s space for no more than four people) at a flat clearing shortly up the trail.

Immediately after this tentsite the falls greeted us. A calm pool lies at the bottom of a long smooth sheet of inclined granite. I witnessed a couple sliding down the rock, but it was a too uneven for my taste. They claimed to make the ~30 foot slide could be done comfortably. We made the slippery climb on the drier part fo the smooth granite to a small landing with a view of the upper falls. This was a nice spot to enjoy the first course of our lunch. We were antsy to climb to the upper fall where we hoped another, more private swimming hole existed.

We climbed to the left of the falls. It was a little challenging and required all our limbs. And yes! There was clear water sitting gently below the crashing Bridal Veil Falls. We dipped our feet in the water and were surprised by the chil of the water. We took a full body plunge. It is not deep enough to jump from any height, but I was able to manage a sort of dive which was more refreshing after hiking uphill for two miles in the humidity. Although the water felt spectacular, we did not stay in long. Wedried off, laid out my towel, and propped my head on my sitting pad and enjoyed the summer sun in the mountain air with the subtle mist of the nearby falls. I wondered why I ever go to the beach when such serenity lies in the woods.

I was lucky enough to have journeyed here on a day with only four friendly strangers joining us at the top of the falls. The space could easily accommodate us, and could have fit a few more.

After about two hours enjoying the falls it was time to head back. The return hike passed quickly with the help of the fall’s refreshment, gentle slope and babbling brook.