I regularly use the following books and sites to help me plan my hikes. I recommend each of these. I always recommend being prepared for hikes and reading these will help to ensure you will be. Although hiking blogs like this one are a great resource, flipping the pages of these books gets me the most excited to get on the trail.

AMC White Mountain Guide 29th Edition, Steven D. Smith, Apalachian Mountain Club Books 2012, ISBN: 9781934028858

This is the most information rich book I use and is a great way to be thorough when planning hikes. Details include terrain, distances, and approximate times. The accompanying maps are probably the most useful. It comes with six maps that include trails, contours, campgrounds, official backcountry campsites and shelters. I rarely use this book to help me choose hikes, I use it once a pick a hike to better inform me. It is organized and written in a technical manner.

Hiking Waterfalls in New England, A Falcon Guide, Eli Burakian, Falcon Guides 2015, ISBN: 076278685X

I ordered this book on a whim and it is one of my favorites. I love using this in the spring to find low elevatin hikes, with the added bonus that the falls are gushing from the snowmelt. I use it when I want a quick day hike or when I want a shorter, less challenging hike in the White Mountains. As all Falcon Guides do, this book gives a great preview of each hike followed by a more thorough description. Any outoor enthusiest in New England needs this book!

AMC Discover Southern New Hampshire, Jerry & Marcy Monkman, Appalachian Mountain Club Books 2002, ISBN: 1929173156

This book has been a pleasant surprise. From this book I have discovered multiple hikes that are a shorter drive from Boston than hikes up in the White Mountains. Like the Hiking Waterfalls book, this offers a great way to find a new place to visit. It has hikes, paddles, and mountain biking excursions.

AMC’s Best Backpacking in New England 2nd Edition, Matt Heid, Appalachian Mountain Club Books 2014

I first found this book in a library and quickly decided that it contained too much goodness and bought it for myself. It contains many of my favoite backpacking trips that I have already completed and many more that I can't wait to do. It contains many hikes I that are not listed else where for backpacking opportunities. I don't really plan on using any other guide to find backpacking trips in New England. My favorite part is the description of exactly where to set up camp, Matt describes official established sites as well as great unofficial locations. Most hikes are 1-2 nights. I recomend this to anyone who loves or is planning on exploring this beautiful region of our country.